Car Rental FAQs

Can I add an additional driver to the rental?

Yes, with our full car rental package, you can add an additional driver to get the maximum joy while traveling the Fiji Island.

What is included in the rental price?

What is included in the rental price?

What happens if the car breaks down or I have an accident?

If a car breaks down in our nearby service areas you can directly call our support team and will be there ASAP, in the case of an accident we have to follow legal procedures and we will work according to the terms and conditions listed on our rental contract. As the best car rental company in Fiji, we always support our customers in such situations.

What fuel policy does the rental follow?

When it comes to fuel, initially when you come to our office to take the car, you will get some fuel free of cost and based on your need you can refill in your journey. We have listed these terms in our car rental policy.

Can I extend the rental duration after picking up the car?

There will be two things in such a case if we already have a booking for that car we will not be able to extend the duration, in this case, we can provide you with the most suitable available car. The second case is if we don’t have any booking for that car we will happily extend the car rental duration in Fiji.

Are there any hidden charges apart from the rental cost?

No, we believe in transparency therefore we listed all the conditions and charges in our rental contract for your convenience. As the most affordable car rental agency in Fiji, our car prices start from just $50/day. Want to know more about our pricing? Connect with our support team.

Can I modify my booking details after it's confirmed?

Yes, one can modify the car booking details like destination, time, duration, and many more things (T&C applies). In addition, we will not charge any extra money for changing the booking details. So what are you waiting for? Book the best car rental company in Fiji and update your booking at any time with 0 extra charges.

What areas of Fiji do you provide taxi services in?

As the most trusted and affordable car rental agency in Fiji, we serve the whole of Fiji including 300 Islands. We have more than 100 cars available for you to visit any place in Fiji. In addition, we have boat transfers, and heli transfers too.

Is your taxi service available 24/7?

We have customers from all around the world and to take care of their customer satisfaction we have a team who work hard and be available 24 by 7 to serve you and that makes us the top-rated satisfactory Fiji car rental agency.

Can I book a taxi for immediate pickup?

We are getting immediate pickup service inquiries on a daily basis. We know how important your travel and time are, therefore we provide immediate transfer services in Fiji. In immediate pickup service, we know the vitality of your time so we provide a driver with a car to take you to your destination swiftly.

Which is the best car rental company in Fiji?

There are a lot of transfer service providers in Fiji but when it comes to the best car rental company, AAAKRentals is in the #1 position with 350+ five-star reviews and 5000+ happy customers from all around the world.

How can I rent a car online in Fiji?

Renting or hiring a car in Fiji is too simple, one can go to and can easily select their pickup and drop points to check the pricing and book rental cars online in Fiji.

Do I need a license to drive rental cars in Fiji?

Yes according to Fiji government policies you need an international driving licence to rent a car in Fiji otherwise you can take our driver with your rental cars to enjoy your Fiji tours.

Can I get a baby seat with a rental car?

Yes with our complimentary service, we provide up to 2 baby seats with the car to make the baby’s ride smooth.

What If I need just a taxi transfer service from the airport to the hotel?

Yes, most of our customers are from abroad countries like USA, Canada, Australia and many more. And when they arrive in Fiji we go to the Fiji airport to pick them up and drop them to the hotel. One can book our airport transfer services in advance from our website and can cancel or update at any time they want. As soon as you arrive in Fiji our taxi driver will be there to pick you up with your name plate.